"We need to hug each other again, to kiss each other,                                                    To lay down a hand on someone's skin. To discover each other.
Only that is not possible."
The story,  
We follow the experiences of Aida, a beautiful woman in her twenties, She seems to know what she wants and looks confident, but we soon find out that she experiences the opposite inside.
The world we are introduced too is created from out the time in which we now live: isolated and in social bubbles. Aida becomes apparent in different spaces each with its own atmosphere and meaning. 
Aida is attracted to this place by great curiosity. In these spaces she comes into contact with great diversity of people, with different personalities. They are clearly more common in these spaces and surrender to their pure desires. They can relax and connect by being themselves and expressing their desires. But no one acts without the consent of the other. Together they talk, feel and listen to each other. Gradually, by observing, staying close to herself and being open to everyone, Aida learns that a sense of feeling secure, can lead to meaningful intimacy. ​​​​​​​
29.04 need – short film @ Pleasure Society
24.04 need – short film @ NPO Radio 2
16.04 need – short film @ Linda.Meiden
14.04 need – short film @ VICE