About Jonnah Bron,
As a photographer with a queer identity, I've been concerned with themes such as intimacy, sexuality and identity from the start of my photography journey. 
When I got into my first relationship with a woman, I missed a true representation of female love. There were mostly photos and videos of platinum-blonde woman with huge fake breasts and a 10-centimeter waist, who were kissing each other heavily. No, I did not recognize myself in that. So I decided to record my own intimate relationship with her, because I wanted to add a fairer image to the portrayal of female love and the eroticism between two people. 
Now the same also applies to this film. Not only in my photography, but also through film I want to contribute to finding a visual language for a realistic and diverse experience of intimacy and sexuality.
My work arises from great curiosity for the unknown. Untold stories, subjects that are seen as taboo, worlds that I do not know myself, but above all it is the people who can imitate me into the unknown. I photograph the naked body because it fascinates and inspires me. The vulnerability, honesty and intimacy that comes with nudity, makes it a challenge to portray someone. 
There is a search for identity in all my photos. I try to answer the question I have by means of my camera. 
29.04 A personal touch – Uncovering Creatives @ Pakhuis de Zwijger
29.04 need – short film @ Pleasure Society
24.04 need – short film @ NPO Radio 2
16.04 need – short film @ Linda.Meiden
14.04 need – short film @ VICE
28.01 Found love in quarantine @ Konbini Arts
12.11 Found love in quarantine @ _Shift London
09.10 Found love in quarantine @ VICE
07.05 Where we did it @ Volkshotel
30.03 Where we did it @ DAZED
14.02 Where we did it @ VICE
29.10 I am not your object – together with TOMS x Project Fearless @ Studio 13, Amsterdam
04.10 – 30.12 Girls aren’t girls anymore – together with ‘De Geheime Tuin’ and ‘Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam’ @ De Weelde, Rotterdam
13.06 – 19.06 Substantial @ Amstelpassage, ​​​​​​​                          Amsterdam Centraal Station
07.06 Inside my diary @ Pakhuis, Groningen
06.06 – 03.07 Substantial @ Concerthuis, Groningen
01.04 – 04.05 Women as art @ De Balie, Amsterdam
22.10 – 01.12 Women as art @ Magazene, Amsterdam
24.09 – 27.09 Women as art @ 4Bid Gallery, Amsterdam
04.09 – 17.09 Women as art @ Roest, Amsterdam
22.03 – 12.04 Behind the camera @ Pand48, Groningen