UPDATE 31 December, 2022: premiere
"With big excitement I want to share with you that our short film ‘need’ will have her world premiere at filmfestival IFFR 2023!
This is the beginning of our goal: to share the film with a wide and diverse audience, contribute to the portrayal of intimacy and open up conversations.
After this, we aim to have more screenings and possibilities to have these conversations with each other about intimacy, exploring sexuality safely and to break taboos about sexual desires."

upDATE October 19th, 2021: it's a wrap!
'need' is currently in postproduction. Are you're interested to be involved in this process, in the distribution, or do you have other ideas that we should know of? Please get in touch at our contactpage

Jonnah Bron: 
"On the 11th of October we started building up our first shooting location in the Maassilo, Rotterdam. Who would have thought that that day my fantasy that I’ve carried for 1,5 years, would come true. The set that only existed in my head became something physical and touchable. 
The whole week felt like one big, cosy and intense bubble that me and my crew created together. When the performers arrived the hard work really started. It was such an amazing experience to work with them and be trusted by them. 

I am indescribably proud of everyone who was there from the beginning or joined alongside the way. Everyone had their own reasons to join ‘need’, which made me even more motivated to really make this work and put this film out there!

I am eternally grateful to everyone for their contribution to the film and I can’t wait to show the world what we made!" 

Inge den Adel, Sterre Hurkens, Freek Zonderland, Tjeerd Melchers, Sean Vogel, Rachel Sophie Verouden, Lorenz Baeckmann, Klara Lepach, Cerian Mason, Lisette Oostveen, Sharmila Vooren, Elsa Groener, Siebren Hodes, Nick Vigue, Maaike Spits, Heleen Kosse, Julia Gat, Pauline Mast, Madelon van Vreedendaal, Marleen Meijer, Leonie van Egmond, Geerten Stumpel, Veronique Post, Martijn Gorree, Tim Benschop, Yannick de Groot, Mariella Martin, Aska Wahle, Merrel Thönissen, Jan Kees Dibbets, Aengus Havinga, Charlotte Dommershausen
UPDATE august 13th, 2021: oPEN CALL
"We’re in the middle of casting for ‘need’ and we are meeting so many beautiful people. All with different backgrounds, experiences and stories."
Currently we are busy with the pre-production on Need. 
We are still looking for interesting faces who can perform, figure or act. (preferably POC & queer) 
Are you interested? Or are you curious and would you like to have more information? Send us an email: info.needthefilm@gmail.com and we'll tell you all about it!
"One thing that connects all of them is their motivation to join the film; to show a different narrative, create something that they would have wanted to see while they were growing up and exploring their own sexuality." 
Update april 29, 2021: Jonnah at Pakhuis de Zwijger
UPDATE august 13th, 2021: Fund us
The main goal for the budget is to pay the performers fairly. 
The performers are vulnerable and I think it is very important to deal with this professionally. The crew involved in the project is volunteering, based on a shared need for this film. The budget therefor continues to the expenses that are incurred. Think of; renting cameras, lenses, locations, light, sound and transport. ​​​​​​​
Would you like to help us make this arthouse film a reality and broaden the image around intimate themes? Via our Go Fund Me page you can donate a small amount. Do you have another proposal to support the realization of this film? Please feel free to fill in the contact form at our website.
UPDATE 14 april 2021: Vice interview
"My film isn't just about the sex and penetration, it's about intimacy and desire, the urge to get closer—and more specifically my generation."
"Porna is mainly intended to arouse, and I feel that the focus is still very often on penetration"
Read the full interview with Jonnah here